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read nest

little contry house

sjaelland island, DK

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Measuring only 10 m2, Read-Nest is a small pre-manufactured structure that is designed to sit in the landscape like an architectural folly. Being exible in both situation and use, the owner can place Read-Nest where he or she feels would best suit theirneeds, whether for study, relaxation or both.consist of one door, one window, one roof light, one bed, one shelf, and one tableThe exterior is clad in vertically striated natural oiled wood (thuja) slats that are designed to interact well with the immediate environment. Inside, Read- Nest is € tted with a wall of shelves, as well as a bed that can be folded into the wall when morespace is needed. Above the bed a skylight for watching the cherry trees and the stars – from the work table a view to the garden through the large window. The window can fold horizontally to create an outdoor cover.

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