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polyvalent sport center

lunamatrona, medio-campitano, I

di martino puddu ingegneri associati

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The ‘ Centro Sportivo Polivalente’ commissioned by Sa Corona Arrubia, the consortium of towns in the Cagliari district, is part of a development project that aims to expand the area’s tourism services. Having begun with scienti c and educational initiativeslike an archeological park and a natural history museum, it now includes recreational and sports facilities.The project involved the construction of a building complex which had to include an indoor pool with changing rooms, a club-house (refreshment, changing rooms and meeting rooms) and two multi-purpose playing elds.The main building has a surface area of around 845 sq.m, and houses a 300 sq.m. pool for swimming lessons and practice and another smaller pool for children and rehabilitation exercises.A spacious balcony looks onto the large pool area, providing visitors and companions with a place to sit and relax and which can also became a gymnasium area.The pool area also features a large continuous glass window overlooking the outside terraced areas outside which are laid to lawn.The club-house is a continuation of the adjacent pool building, although it is functionally autonomous.The building’s architecture originates from careful assessment of the site’s environmental context. The structural theme, with wide openings, is realised through use of curved lamellar wood beams generating a morphological volume which stronglyrecalls the lines of the surrounding landscape.The natural materials used, such as walls with local stone and natural wood, are in line with the choice of environmentally friendly solutions.Special attention has been paid to the balance of exterior colours: the roo ng in oxidised copper, rough-cut trachyte stone and coloured conglomerates for exterior elements ensure harmonious insertion into the landscape of the valley the buildinglooks on to.

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