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ravelo medical clinic

ravelo, tenerife, E

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This small medical clinic is located in the centre of the town of Ravelo, a small population in a distinctively rural environment, that occupies a prominent outstanding hillside position in the northeast of the island of Tenerife.It is integrated into the surrounding neighbourhood, the main entrance has been adapted to the slope of the street, which rises steeply along the eastern border of the plot. This virtually extends the public space right into the building, which in turnprojects it back out through the large panoramic window adjoining the waiting rooms.The building has been designed on two levels: the main ! oor, with street-level pedestrian access, is occupied by the medical surgeries, while the lower floor houses the administrative and staff areas.The building is characterised by a dialogue between the external, concrete ‘frame’, open along the north-south axis, which lends the building its urban feel, and a continuous internal wooden skin which transforms the ‘framed’ empty space into a seriesof rooms, separating the areas for speci# c, private use from the public ones such as the reception area, waiting room, corridors and stairway. A system of folding shutters along the southern facade regulates the entry of sunlight - a feature which lends the building its bioclimatic character while at the same time o" ering optimal lighting conditions for the workspaces.To the north, the concrete ‘frame’ embraces the distant countryside, incorporating it into the everyday life of the clinic through the panoramic window which, in turn, constitutes an easily recognised landmark.

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