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co2 saver house

sustainable house

gmina pszczyna, PL

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This very cost-e ective, simple and sustainable house – like a chameleon – blends with its surrounding area on Laka Lake in south of Poland. Colourful planks within the timber façade re ect the tones of the rural landscape. The window reveals with
‚ bre cement cladding, frame images of the countryside. Analogical to the most creatures, the building is outside symmetrical, although the internal zones are arranged asymmetrically according to function
The built form is designed to optimise the absorbance of solar energy. Approximately 80% of the building envelope is facing to the sun. The single storey living space on the ground  oor is externally clad with untreated larch boarding. Solar energy is
gained there by the set-in glazed patio. Solar collection panels are located on the roof and a photovoltaic system is planed for the future. The dark facade of the “black box” - a three storey structure clad with charcoal coloured ‚ bre cement panels - is
warmed by the sun, reducing heat loss to the environment. The passive and active solar energy concepts and a high standard of thermal insulation are enhanced by a ventilation plant with thermal recovery system. The house consumes only about 1/10
of the average energy use of the existing single-family houses in Poland.
The design of the project was determinated by the twin goals of low lifecycle costs and a reduction in construction costs. All details are simple, but well thought out. The house did not cost more than a conventional one in Poland. Cost-savings were
made by the application of traditional building techniques and the use of local materials and recycled building elements.

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