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house in ispra

recover of old hayloft as housing

ispra, varese, I

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“The ruin of a small agricultural building, located on the summit of Monte di Ispra, on Lake Maggiore, has been transformed into a holiday house. The massive vertical stone structures are maintained and consolidated, completed on the missing fourth
side with a new strati ed façade: in front of the base in brickwork and the large openings which surmount it, there is a framework of wood which o ers shade to the upper ‚ oor, while on the lower level it provides a protected space for storage of rewood.
This layer (necessary to fuel the kitchen stove which, together with a solar panel, heats the house) also has an insulating function, with its mass against the wall. On the rear side, the broad breach in the stone wall is shored up by a trellis/terrace and
transformed into a window: from there, beyond the treetops of the wood, you can see the lake.”

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