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sermange park

sermange, jura, F

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The revaluation project in the heart of the village of Sermange comes within the policy of renewing this remarkable village along with the growing consciousness of the architectural heritage. The village embraces in its centre a vast and free space, crossed by a country road. Here, in the lower part of the eld, two wells provide water for a fountain and a wash house. Our project consisted in a focused work on the borders of this free surface. The space should not be perceived as an absence of things, but as a quality, giving a perspective to the surrounding buildings. A long wooden footbridge crosses the large eld, emphasizing its natural curves without damaging them, allowing the passage of pedestrians and cyclists. The nature of the borders (country road, wash house/well, footbridge) is a fundamental guideline of the project. The work on the fringes made them very important actors in the composition: they arouse the attention on the central space, while allowing it to continue airing the village. As security measures (two schools are nearby) a footpath was built and a line of ash trees was planted to mark the side of the road. Being open to festivities, games and for relaxation, the area includes a natural playground for the kids: the footbridge was accompanied with a basin and a bench. The wood matures naturally and blends into the scenery of the stones, the water and the small and sober wall of concrete. It can be understood as a gesture of subordination in the view of the already existing architectural heritage, thus avoiding any confusion between old and new. The new water surface extends the circuit of the wash house and the fountain. It was conceived for leisure activities and to maintain a water ecosystem. P

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