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BUSINESS AND TOURISMEncourage the development of small businesses connected by a system logic to the cultural and touristic network of the area

2 DIVERSIFICATION INTO NON-AGRICULTURAL ACTIVITIES. Support farms in the process of diversification and expansion of activities, developing the production of non-agricultural goods

3 DIVERSIFICATION AND INNOVATION IN AGRICULTURE.  Support farms in the process of crop diversification and innovation in agricultural practices

4 CULTIVATE THE LANDSCAPE. Increase the competitiveness of businesses by increasing resilience and the environmental value of natural ecosystems

5 COOPERATION AND SHORT CHAIN. Facilitate aggregation processes based on associative business forms to enable cost savings resulting from economies of scale

6 GROWTH OF THE BIO-ECONOMY. Encourage the development of the local economy by focussing on technological innovation and renewable energy sources

7 BUSINESS AND INFRASTRUCTURE. Improve the competitiveness of businesses (also touristic), by improving the conditions of the infrastructure needed for development

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