b. cultural and tourist activities



1 TOURISM AND ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE . Recognise new roles and functions for the architectural heritage, favouring the development of tourist and cultural activities


2 TOURISM AND ENVIRONMENT. Recognise new roles and functions for the environmental heritage, favouring the development of tourist activities and cultural heritage

3 SMALL-SCALE TOURISM SERVICES. Encourage the infrastructure provided for tourist services with small-scale interventions


4 COUNTRYSIDE VS SEA AND MOUNTAIN. Integrating rural tourism with traditional tourist areas (sea and mountains) developing the attraction capacity of the territory


5 TOURISM AND WATER. Promoting plural, diverse use of water resources also for tourist and recreational purposes

6 TOURISM AND INFRASTRUCTURE. Improve the competitiveness of businesses (also touristic), by improving the conditions of the infrastructure needed for development

7 TOURISM IN LESS-FAVOURABLE AREAS . Encourage sustainable tourism activities in less-favourable areas (mountains, rugged coast, etc

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