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eco-friendly resort

dilijan, tavush, ARM

diana vatinyan

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The main objective of the project is to assist in eco-tourist attraction to Dilijan (Armenia) by constructing state-of-the-art resort while preserving landscape and natural ecosystem. Construction of this resort will help to solve lodging problem for tourists’accommodation.Dilijan is known for its wonderful landscape, clean air and mineral waters. It is an attractive tourism and recreation destination. People come here from all over the world to enjoy the nature and to see relic landmarks. The city unfortunately lacks comfortablelodging to accommodate all the tourists at the moment. That is why modern hotels and resorts construction is stipulated by the urban plan accepted in 2009.The construction area is planned at the city entrance on the bank of Ovajur River and is surrounded by Dilijan National Park. Hence, the eco-resort construction plan seems the most appealing to attract tourists. Ecotourism implies trips to national pristineareas to contemplate local landscape, ora, and fauna provided minimal impact to the local ecosystem.Analysis of adjacent buildings assists in drawing a conclusion that the local architecture is intertwined with the nature. Local architecture features low-rise buildings, natural materials such as wood and stone, e€ cient use of open space such as terracesand balconies. Folk elements in the local architecture aid in its natural merge into the city context.Architectural solution results from the analysis of local natural and climatic features. The building naturally merges with the surrounding landscape as if it is following rocky relief making an impression of a fracture or an exposed bare rock among thelush vegetation.Eco-resort naturally merges into environment, stipulates the usage of pollutant-free materials, nature-friendly, and energy-e€ cient technologies.

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