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wye community farm


kent, GB

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The Wye Community Farm (WCF) initiative was launched in 2007, in response to the loss of agricultural teaching at Wye College. Owned and run by its members, WCF is demonstrating important new ways for the public to reconnect with where their food comes from and how the countryside is managed.
In spring 2008 WCF entered into an agreement with Natural England to manage part of the Wye National Nature Reserve. In grazing the NNR, WCF livestock are playing a crucial role in maintaining the chalk grassland upon which rare and endangered species such as the Black Veined Moth and Lady Orchid depend.
Today WCF farms around 120 acres, mainly on the Wye NNR but also on behalf of several local landowners with small areas not suited to large scale agriculture. Our main enterprises are meat boxes (beef, pork and lamb), woodland products (‚ rewood, charcoal) and preserves made from home grown produce (pickled onions, raspberry jam). Twice weekly work parties (every weds and sat) are attended by a wide range of volunteers, in addition to which we have a strong working relationship with the Probation Service whereby people carry out their Community Payback hours with WCF.

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